Our Team

It's always nice to put a face to a name. Here are just a few of the people who make up the EssentialVille Leadership Team. Want to be a part of it? Head here and here to learn, and then email us at info@essentialville.com and tell us you're ready to work with us--we can't wait to hear from you.


Launi Anderson

Launi likes cooking everything, watching the Great British Baking Show, giving help to new mamas as a childbirth educator, and being surrounded by her friends and family. She is Mama to 5 and Grammy to 8, takes care of Jiffy the cat and a bunch of chickens. Launi loves to crochet, write, and teach--and she's darn good at all three. If you want to find Launi, she's probably the one chatting with a big group of friends, all eyes and ears waiting on her next story. She's not only extremely experienced with essential oils, but she's a heck of a lot of fun to be around. If it is hot pink, purple, has a Scottish accent, or is Michael Westen, it's probably Launi's favorite thing in the whole wide world. She loves being a mama and sharing essential oils. 

Favorite oil right now: Motivate to help her to stop playing around and get to work. Serenity to help her shut down the working gears and get to sleep.  


April Rosenthal

April loves to learn new things and is well known for reading an entire series of books in just a couple of days. She enjoys studying languages, healthy food, personality types and amazing color palettes. Her favorite thing is research and learn, and then find easy ways to teach  others. She works hard and consistently makes beautiful things happen. She's married to her best friend, raising 3 adorable kids, designing fabric for Moda by day and teaching essential oil webinars by night--unless, of course, her kids have a soccer game. She's generous and strong, an empowering mentor and wise friend. She prefers to be behind the scenes serving quietly--but will step right up if you need her help. If you see someone sitting in the back doodling patterns on her iPad, listening intently--it's probably her.  

Favorite oil right now: Lime, because it smells amazing, tastes amazing, and makes her think she's on the beach while making kids' sack lunches. 


Lyndi Thomas

Lyndi likes celebrating everything, giving people gifts, and bringing a "you are loved" vibe to everyone she meets. She is a mama to 2 kiddos, wife to her high school sweetheart, and your new best friend--no really. When you meet Lyndi, she considers you a friend for life. Lyndi would love to take a road trip to all 50 states, stopping at the World's Biggest Rubber Band Ball, every single food truck, and Carhenge along the way. If you need to find her in a crowded room, look for the girl wearing the most jewelry, laughing like she'll never stop, and taking pictures of her plate. Lyndi brings the fun wherever she goes, and is an enthusiastic oil educator. If you want to know how essential oils work in real, everyday life, she's your girl.

Favorite oil right now: Console, because it helps her feel calm when the world is too big or her feelings are too loud--a big hug in oil form.