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We love essential oils.


Who are we?

Hello! I'm April, and together with my sister Lyndi, and my mom Launi, we've been using and loving on essential oils for more than 18 years cumulatively. We have spent the better part of those years sharing what we love and learn with our amazing team, building our business in person and online. We have built lifelong friendships and a community of people who are knowledgeable about keeping their families healthy, who have resources and are empowered to act when they or their children are sick, and who are willing to trust nature first.

We are so excited to have you here, and to welcome you to our community.

They say it takes a village, this is yours. Welcome to EssentialVille.

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We want to help you learn and grow! While there are some pretty cool resources here on our site, there are so many more perks to being a part of our EssentialVille community! Exclusive newsletter content, team-only events, webinars, and workshops, live chat Q&A's, exclusive Facebook groups and more. We want every person on our team to know how to use their oils, not just sit them on the shelf. Sound great? (This community really is.)

Get started with essential oils here.

Learn more about what essential oils are, here.

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Besides sourcing the best essential oils on Earth, dōTERRA also has the best business plan on the planet, providing the chance for anyone to experience a change in their financial reality while helping other people improve their health.  

We are working every day to cultivate our tribe, and would love to grow with you. If you are ready to build a business, be a part of an amazing company that is doing real good in the world, and join a community of smart, kind, hard-workers who will cheer for you, you're in the right place. Email us today and tell us you're ready, we'll be in touch.

If you're unsure whether building a business is the right choice for you, head over here to learn more.

did you know?

dōTERRA takes their leaders on trips to amazing locations to learn, relax, and serve.